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back up boiiis

found the files again the fanbase is back up dont forget to sub to dan on yernan thank babes

the shuspelling bee

From the year 2016-2020, the Shunews hosted a shuspelling bee every christmas special. Here is information about each shuspelling bee. 2016: Theme - hillbillys Winner - Stephen Hawking 2017: Theme - Ghandi Winner - Hari Manohar 2018: Theme - Curry Winner - Raj 2019: Theme - Being a weeb Winner - Elias Bin-Garbage 2020: Theme - Goths Winner - Anshul Ramavath The shupelling bee was stopped as the shunews tried to adapt to the lowering interest with something new, and in 2021 it was replaced with Hari's Hiccuups.

Old vs New

The old vs New was a new show that the shunews tried to create to make more interest but no one liked it lol.